Saturday, November 28, 2009

Picture Perfect...

We were in the city again last weekend. I was down there for work, helping out with a church service and then we wanted to see Emma Thompson’s exhibit “Journey.” Along the way we got to catch up with an old college friend, Marg and then get some good family time: just me and my two boys.

On the way back to the car from a long day we decided to spend a little extra time in the city and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It had been a gorgeous day. The sun was setting it was a warm 65 degrees. As we were walking across the bridge staring up at the city lights and the beautiful sunset, I just had a moment of “Oh my gosh, this is my life. I am so blessed. I can’t believe this is my life.”

We strolled the bridge and I had the brilliant thought, “We should let Jude out of his stroller and let him walk with us across the bridge.” I took him out and grabbed his little hand. We walked together. It was a beautiful moment. I turned to Kimbal and asked if he would take a picture of Jude and I on this perfect picture moment. I scooped Judah up in my arms to take the picture… AND HE WAS SOPPING WET!

In the journey that day we let the cloth diaper go a little too long and he totally wet his pants. I thought about just dealing with the diaper and wardrobe change on the other side of the bridge but that was quickly knocked down at the fact that if I let him walk the bridge with sopping wet pants, surely something will get chaffed (don’t you love my first thought was not about the sanitary issue here but that my son might get a chaffed behind).

So we pulled over to the side on a bench on the Brooklyn Bridge and changed that little man’s diaper and clothes. I am sure all the tourists walking the bridge that day LOVED us, ruining their picture perfect moment on the bridge AND I am sure some day Judah will love the story about how we had to change his diaper on the bridge.

After the fiasco was over Kimbal snapped a shot of me and my little man, and I thought “THAT’S more like it!! This is my life. I am so blessed!” Here’s to picture perfect moments…that include a diaper change along the way!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The world through the Eyes of Judah...and Louis CK

We headed to Denver yesterday and Judah couldn't have been more excited. He has flown before but this time was different because he actually made the connection "WAIT, I am in an AIRPLANE. The AIRPLANE is flying IN THE SKYE. THEREFORE I AM FLYING IN AN AIRPLANE IN THE SKYE." He just couldn't get over it. He didn't sleep the whole flight. He would doze off for a few seconds and the jolt awake and talk a mile a minute about the fact he was flying. It was adorable (once I got over the fact that he wasn't going to sleep all day)!

It reminded me of this video and I just had to post it...As a reminder from Judah how we should all feel about all the AMAZING things going on in our world...


Monday, November 2, 2009


what is it about a few moments with my guitar, my voice and a heart that is desperate for a moment with the Lord?

i still can't figure out what it is about song that can flip my heart, but it does. i also don't know why it takes me so long to come to a point where i pick up my guitar, lift up my voice and sing...