Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the alabaster jar...a journey

so there is this story about a sinful woman who came to jesus while he was hanging out with all of his friends at dinner.  she fell at his feet, crying and wiping his feet with her hair.  then she did something strange...she took out the perfume, worth months of pay, and broke it at his feet.  she wiped his feet again.  although all those at the table were harsh with their words and ridiculed her (...and jesus for that matter) for wasting her money, her time.  jesus spoke tenderly to her telling all of them that she had done something brilliant and pleased god. he loved her much, forgave her sins...she loved him so much in return.

later, after jesus had been crucified some women went to the tomb to burry him properly.  they brought all they would need to honor his body, including an alabaster jar.  when they arrived at the tomb they found he was gone...he had risen.  and it just so happened that the only one to anoint him, his body, his life would be the women. the sinful, wasteful women. 

i want my life to be an alabaster jar. i want my life to be broken, and poured out on my jesus' feet.  i don't want it to be 50 years from now that i realize i should have honored him when maybe it didn't make sense. finding out that it would be to late.  so this is the start of a "blog" a journey of thoughts, hopes, dreams, my life...which jesus i pray you would be well pleased. 

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