Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day 08

so it is here...today! finally the nation will vote and decide who our next president will be.  paramount history changing stuff. right!?!?

today i got a little reminder just how paramount it is.  i was reminded that my president, my king, my lord had been decided long ago (over 12 years ago!) now don't get me wrong, i'll wear my "i voted" sticker today with a small sense of pride and gratefulness that this whole process involved me at all AND i'll continue to "root" for the guy that i believe is best for the job and reflects most of my beliefs on the world...AND i'll probably be a little bummed if my guy looses BUT how i live my life today or tomorrow or next week shouldn't be affected at all (an won't be) by the outcome of the race for neither candidate will put forth the kingdom of jesus policies that should reign in my life...granted BOTH candidates do have some kingdom principles and ideas embedded in their platforms  AND BOTH candidates have huge holes in their platforms that completely disregard the kingdom, the least of these!!!  Neither reaches the perfection of the sacrificial love jesus calls me to.  neither reaches the bar for the pro-life, pro-love, pro-freedom, pro-inclusiveness, pro-equality, pro-mercy, pro-justice, pro-love god/love your neighbor like jesus political platform in matthew 5 or luke 4 (really all throughout his life!)

so if you are interested in shifting your focus today give this a listen! a little sermon given by greg boyd as a reminder what our lives as followers SHOULD be about today, November 4, 2008, election day AND tomorrow, November 5,2008. may history really be in the making, jesus would you rise your church!!!


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