Monday, August 17, 2009


so yesterday i walked into the kitchen and my hubby was reading this article ( i saw that it was an article from wired mag and when it comes to articles about gadgets and the like i am quick to shut down. big words and random new gizmos usually keep me from engaging when he is reading this magazine. i asked him (admittedly, not really caring), "hey, what are you reading?" and he replied, "oh, this article about UAV's and killing the taliban."

now, i have seen the movies. i guess i live in some strange world where i just think that most everything i see on tv isn't actually happening. up until this point that's what i thought about little machines running around, fighting our battles for us. we chatted a few minutes about the article and left it at that.

however, it has really got me thinking. there has been this nagging question in the back of my mind all day....shouldn't something that one believes is worth killing for be worth risking their own lives for as well? mind you this comes from my idealistic, pacifist, non-violent "can't we just all get along" heart. however, it is an important question to ask. i'm beginning to really think that there may be things that one should be willing to die for, but so little (if anything) that one should be willing to kill for. this whole drones, UAV, robot warfare thing seems to be the opposite. when it come down to it i guess i just wonder, if we are going to be fighting this war, shouldn't we fight it and not let r2d2 do our dirty work?


marilynde said...

"Our scientific powers have outrun our spiritual powers; we have guided missiles and mis-guided men."

kellen.kurtz said...

oh so well put marilyn!

Carrie (and chickens) said...

On the other hand, on an even playing field, it could just be drones killing drones...maybe that's what it is if the military is successful and eating away at souls anyway???

I'd be OK with a robot "killing" another robot if it means that no one attacks and harms anyone else's flesh and blood.

I totally agree that you ought to face up to what you're doing but the whole premise of modern war seems to be FAR more detached. I'm not sure that dropping a bomb from miles above (or firing a rocket from a great distance) as you "follow orders" (programming) is any different. The human, in that case, can insulate him or herself from the inhumane act as he/she just pushes a button as programmed. Is it really different?

I say follow your pacifist heart and do all you can to help people connect flesh to flesh in inquisitive and respectful ways instead of violent ways. :)